MPX 100-May 30, 2015

Once every 5-6 years,  I get the opportunity to experience my birthday on a Saturday. So since my birthday was actually on a Saturday, I took my daughter to wrestling. It was still a sweltering pit of a humid Texas May. But there was a lot of excitement and energy in the crowd. I splurged for front row seats because The World’s Cutest Tag Team was there. I got to meet the World’s Cutest Tag Team who were wonderful. We opened the night up with a pre-recorded interview with Matt Palmer and Athena. This was a big opportunity for them, and they were going to rise to the occasion. The MVP of the night was Kody Kox because he wore a suit.

First match: Trust Fund (Viktor Tadlock & Joey Garcia w/Jamie Oller) (c)  vs. Flying Jackasses (Frankie Fisher & BC)

Since the Trust Fund is a bunch of rich brats, the Flying Jackasses did a Robin Hood video package where they were going to beat them, effectively stealing their belts. Then they came out dressed as Robin Hood and Little John. It was nice, creative and went well with the crowd. Frankie is a good entertainer. You’re going to get a different type of match out of him than flippy floppy. He also pays tribute to Eddie Guerrero well. He tripped around Jamie Oller and blamed it on him. The ref made him leave ringside. Highlights of the match: BC had Garcia up in a vertical suplex for a 16-count, which I counted with my daughter. (See, wrestling can be educational.) Tadlock had BC in his version of The Razor’s Edge, but BC reversed it and turned it into a GTS. With Tadlock and Garcia dazed, BC went for the double spear.

Winner and new champions: The Flying Jackasses

The crowd was very happy. Good moment.

Second match: Kristopher Haiden vs. Kenny Steele

Steele came out with a lot of fire and energy. This guy has come a very long way in the past 5+ years. (I remember when he was training & working security.) Haiden worked as the momentum killer in this match. Any time Kenny would come out fighting with any fire, Haiden would do a power move to halt his progress. The highlight for me was Kenny gliding over the top turnbuckle onto Haiden. Kenny is such a crazy sick athlete. And I know he’s only begun to crack the surface.

Winner: Haiden

Third match: Jerome Daniels vs. Mike Foxx in a Street Fight

My little girl was ringside and got a five from Mike Foxx. I guess she’s a second generation Foxx fan. Both guys came dressed and ready for a street fight. This was a wild plunder fight. The craziest move of the match was a back body drop from Foxx where Jerome went through the cords and unplugged the main lights for filming. It was really fun watching everybody scramble to fix it while the match went on. We had a sidewalk slam on a chair that bent. We had a snap suplex ringside right in front of us. Mike Foxx went through a ladder. We had a kendo stick, cookie sheet, trash can lid, tons of plunder. We had another powerbomb that broke the ladder. We had tons of nearfalls. Foxx won with his version of the Stunner.

Winner: Foxx

This was such good plunder match. It reminded me a lot of a bunkhouse match.

Fourth match: Franco D’Angelo vs. Lance Hoyt

2 DFW legends going at it. You just sat back, and let the story tell itself. I’ve never seen this side of Franco before. He was a cross between cowardly heel and human game of chess player. (I’m not calling Franco a coward because his arms have the same circumference as my head.) The highlight of this match for me was Franco bashing Lance Hoyt into the guardrail right in front of me. I never saw a TNA/WWE/NJPW/GFW superstar get bashed in front of me when I was 5. My daughter is so spoiled. Franco took a chair from the front row. With the referee taking a ref bump, Franco was about to use a chair and Hoyt punched him through the chair. The ref looked up at him and saw a chair and Franco laid out. So the ref dq’d Hoyt.

Winner by dq: Franco

Didn’t like the finish, but it was a nice clash of titans.

Fifth match: Randy Wayne w/James Hawke (c) vs. Steven Kirby in a bullrope match

Some matches get better when you realize everything that went along with it, like Mankind-Undertaker Hell in a Cell or Shawn Michaels-Stone Cold at Wrestlemania 14. We knew there would be blood, and I saw blood pretty early on. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I later saw the gash in Randy Wayne’s head. I’m not sure if he needed stitches, but it looked bad. These two hosses didn’t need any help beating the stuffing out of each other. But they had all the help they needed in a bullrope. The phrase I always hear is “violence… for the sake of violence.” The finish was Wayne pretty much hog-tying Kirby for the pin.

Winner: Randy Wayne

Loved the finish, loved the violence, loved Melanie (Wayne’s lady) being involved (She does the scorned woman thing very well as we learned when Frankie feuded with her brother.). The new referee looked familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. Somebody mumbled something about Scott McKenzie, who I know has done a lot in Texas, my fandom just never overlapped with his stardom. He reffed a few matches of the night, raised Wayne’s hand and then… beatdown. He ripped off the ref shirt. It is on…

Main event: The World’s Cutest Tag Team (Joey Ryan & Candice LeRae) vs. The World’s Hottest Tag Team (Matthew Palmer & Athena)

When I first heard TWCTT was going to be here on my birthday, this is the match I wanted but didn’t tell anybody in case it didn’t happen. When this was announced, I got really excited. I’d been telling my daughter about Candice for months so she would be excited about seeing her in addition to Athena. (She once threw a legitimate fit because Athena was not booked.) Joey Ryan had the Blow-Pop exchange with a fellow on the row behind us. This is how close we were. That is through the guardrail from our seats.



I had one of the most embarrassing moments as a wrestling fan. My daughter likes throwing streamers but is too shy to actually throw them so she had me throw them at the two ladies, Candice and Athena. The streamers I threw for Candice did not unroll. So this perfectly round roll of streamer rolled right to Candice’s feet. Oh, the embarrassment. Athena/Palmer’s entrance was incredible. She had full banner entrance with both wearing masks painted up.

And of course since I’ve waited a long time for this particular match so as soon as it began, my daughter turned to me and said, “Daddy, I have to go to the bathroom.” Thankfully from where I was I could still see it. This was a very fun match to watch. We did a chicken fight. And then Candice and Athena tried to do real wrestling moves on top of their respective guys. And then the match got more serious. I’m not sure if this match was filmed in its entirety, but I recommend finding it on Youtube or wherever the kids are watching this stuff nowadays. Palmer got the superkick on Candice. Athena did the O-Face on Joey for the pin.

Winner: Palmer & Athena

After the match, the Trust Fund came out for the opportunistic attack on Palmer & Athena. Candice & Joey came back in the for the save and, as ACH would gleefully yell, “Sportsmanship.”

All in all… A great birthday present for me. My daughter was really into this most of the night. I got to meet Candice and Joey which was incredible for me. Forgive me for being biased, but the main event was the match of the night. The tag title change was great to see live, plus the Robin Hood thing was really creative. Wayne-Kirby and Foxx-Daniels were insane brawls. It was a wonderful birthday present.

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