IHWE Old School Hustle Night 2 6-7-2015

First match: Barrett Brown vs. Tex As Red w/ his stuffed puppy

These matches were for TV and were pretty short. So my notes here are going to be here too. I’m loving “Evil Barrett.” I haven’t seen him work much as a heel, and I’m liking what I’m seeing. Tex As Red’s gimmick is that he’s, um, simple. He had his stuffed puppy. Barrett took it during the match and threatened him. Barrett gave him a low blow with the ref’s head turned and got the pin.

Winner: Barrett

Second match: Kristopher Haiden w/ Kenny Steele vs. Rodney Mack w/BiG ramp Kenneth Wade

I used to watch Redd Dogg, who would later become Rodney Mack in the WWE, with my mom back in the NWA Southwest/PCW days. It was cool to be able to pass along the Rodney Mack love to my daughter. It was a nice, short match, exactly what it needed to be. Kenny & Haiden surprisingly have a good chemistry together. No surprises about who was going to win.

Winner: Mack

Third match: Brian Breaker & Jake O’Brien vs. Drake Gallows & One Man Sam Stackhouse

I liked what I saw from Drake in this match. He had a pretty cool moonsault from ringside. This is not the match I expected the high-flying from.

Winner: Breaker & O’Brien

Fourth match: Joe Angelo Garcia vs. Kenny Steele vs. Jason Silver vs. Moonshine Mantell

This was probably my favorite match of the tv taping. I really like all 4 of these guys. Kenny was the only heel, still selling the loss from Mack to his tag partner. Each of the 4 guys got to shine here. I loved the huge dive from Silver. Moonshine won with the big power move.

Winner: Moonshine

Fifth match: Jiggle-O Johnson (c) vs. Ashton Jacobs

This was one of my daughter’s many bathroom breaks. 5 hours of wrestling + 5-year-old + lots of matches with no Athena=lots of bathroom breaks. The crowd seemed to be in it & loving it.

Winner: Johnson

The DVD portion of the night began.

Sixth match: Mike Foxx vs. Franco D’Angelo with Rodney Mack as the special guest referee

I guess with Mack as the guest referee you had the only guy who could control the two? I thought it was interesting that these two guys would be the main event anywhere in Texas. Yet here they were in what was basically jerking the curtain. What I wrote down is that nobody told these guys they weren’t the main event.

Winner: Franco

After the match, Li Fang & Kevin Cross along with Nigel Rabid went in for the attack with Rodney Mack coming in for the save. Commissioner Matt Avery made a match- Li Fang, Kevin Cross & Nigel Rabid against Foxx & D’Angelo.

Seventh match: Nate Andrews (c) vs. HBQ for the IHWE California Championship

This was cool to see a little bit of talent exchange. This was bathroom break #2. Poor HBQ bares a resemblance to Kofi Kingston so had to hear “New Day sucks” chants the whole match. We had a really cool splash onto HBQ by Andrews onto the floor. Andrews pinned HBQ but his legs were entangled in the ropes. Rick Manning listened to the crowd and restarted the match so HBQ could walk away with the pin.

Winner and new champion: HBQ

Eighth match: Barrett Brown vs. Gregory James vs. David Fuller

Barrett & Greg have such an incredible chemistry together. Tag Team, opponents, taking tickets, whatever these guys do, you know they will bring it. Greg is usually the heel when they have feuded in the past. It was interesting to see Evil Barrett and Good Greg (BTW, would “Good Greg” be the most generic indy wrestling name of all time?). Barrett wanted Fuller who didn’t show up at first. Fuller showed up, punched Barrett a few times and told Barrett he booked this match so Greg could give him the beating he deserved. At first I saw Andy Dalton and knew what everybody knew. Andy Dalton was going to turn on Greg. There are just some things you know in this world. Death, taxes and an Andy Dalton heel turn.

Winner: DQ

Ninth match: Delilah Doom vs. Jessica James vs. Barbi Hayden vs. Athena

This was one of the matches of the night. These are all 4 incredible athletes. Plus they put together a very entertaining match. The most important person in the crowd loved this match. And that was my little girl. She loved all 4 and was very much into the match. And I would put this up against anything you’d see on SHIMMER, Shine or WSU. These are some of the top indy talents in the world. And they did a lot with the amount of time she had.

Winner: Jessica

Tenth match: Dexter Hard Times, Gary Tool & Canyon w/Steve Moody vs. Rodney Mack & The Blackbird Posse w/Todd Diamond

I can’t remember seeing the Posse before but I swore I did. In addition to the Mack, I watched Canyon at the same time. He was such a good heel in the area. I also used to yell Mr. Bean at Steve Moody. Dexter still looked great. It was hard not to yell “Todd has Herpes” at Diamond which I couldn’t since I was right next to my 5-year-old. This was the nostalgia of the night. It was great seeing everyone again.

Winner: Mack & Posse

After the match, Canyon talked about he and Mack’s long history together. Everybody shook hands. I was 20 watching them again in NWA SW or PCW.

Eleventh match: Carson vs. Americos

I blinked and I missed it. Carson super kicked Americos and he was done.

Winner: Carson

Twelfth match: Carson vs. Steve Anthony

This match went from Baron Corbin squash to match of the night contender. Steve Anthony came out to Americos’ rescue. Then these guys put on what is one of the matches of the night. Though I’m familiar with the name, this was my first time to see him live. This match delivered. I could tell it was going to be a good match because my daughter had to go to the bathroom. When I got back, the crowd was still really into it. It didn’t rely on flippy-floppy to get the crowd. They were chanting “Awesome match” at one point. The finished happened when I was away. But Carson used the belt on Anthony.

Winner by dq: Anthony

Thirteenth match: Ray Rowe vs. Cherry Ramons

Rowe is becoming my favorite male wrestler. This is what I knew had potential to be the match of the night. Not a lot of people were familiar with Cherry’s work up to this point in DFW. I know him from his work with Inspire Pro in Austin. So he surprised a lot of people, except me. I knew these two guys were going to really bring it. Rowe is well-known in DFW for his work in VIP and of course through this thing called ROH. Excellent match, worth buying the DVD when it comes out.

Winner: Rowe

Fourteenth match: Rabid Empire (Kevin Cross, Li Fang & Nigel Rabid)  (c) vs. Mike Foxx & Franco D’Angelo

As this match began I wrote down somebody was going to turn heel. I mean, it’s Foxx. Death, taxes, an Andy Dalton heel turn and a Mike Foxx heel turn. You can set your watch to it. But no heel turn. Nigel went in there exactly when he should. I think the swerve here was that there was no heel turn.

Winner and new tag champs: Foxx & D’Angelo

Main event: Thomas Shire (c) vs. Charlie Haas

The stipulation behind this match was that if Charlie Haas he would retire from wrestling. Not just here but every other promotion. Black Bart was going to hand the winner the belt. At one point legendary referee James Beard was taken out. Carson & Barrett Brown came out to interfere. Black Bart got in the ring, the crowd popping over the legend laying down the law. He stood next to Shire with his branding iron facing off against Carson & Barrett. And then Black Bart did what everybody expected out of Black Bart. He attacked Shire. James Beard was revived to do the 1-2-3 for Charlie Haas.

Winner and new champion: Haas

After the match Ray Rowe came out to clean house but he joined this group. Haas, Carson, Barrett, Rowe, Andy Dalton and Black Bart created a group called “Outlaw Inc.”

All in all: It was a very enjoyable night. This will be out on DVD. When it does, I would get it for the Ladies’ 4-way, Carson-Anthony, Ramons-Rowe and the Black Bart heel turn. Also if you are wanting some nostalgia, I’d take the Old School 6-man.

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