VIP Wrestling “This Means War” 6-12-2015

Another night of professional wrestling is in the books. My mother, little girl and I got a wonderful front row seat. During the night we would find ourselves in the crossfire, escaping just about every match. So if I did not take good enough notes, self-preservation and my daughter’s preservation were chief priorities. Matter of fact, when the action got close, my mother would move to protect me, like I’m not 35 and bigger than her. But I digress.

Ring announcer Keith Roberts introduced two guys who have been behind the scenes in Anthony Mercer and Chavez. They said they were the greatest tag team. They were wanting an opponent. Note to self: Never issue an open challenge when War Machine is in the back.

Bonus match: Anthony Mercer & Chavez vs. War Machine

What? You thought this was going to be a technical masterpiece. Really great story about my mother-when War Machine came out, she got up and moved out of the way. The wrestlers were on the opposite side of the ring. That was just the power of their presence. They were walking to the ring, and she felt like she needed to move.

There are two ways of looking at this. The story was that War Machine was put over as an unstoppable force. Also Mercer and Chavez were guys who are learning the wrestling business. They got the chance to step in there with two guys who are big names in one of the Top 3. It was a really good learning experience for them.

Winner: War Machine

We had a 10-bell salute for Dusty Rhodes and the wife of our color commentator who had passed away earlier that morning. We went right to the action.

First match: Barrett Brown vs. Scott McKenzie

I missed McKenzie’s initial run, but he was one of the biggest things in Texas from what I read. He turned heel recently on Randy Wayne at MPX. He came out tonight first match against Barrett. Last year Jiggle-O James Johnson had a little bit of a career rebirth I called the “Johnsonnaisance.” This year I think we might be on the cusp of a “McKenziesance.” He’s not a flippy-floppy guy necessarily. He’s just big, tough, Texas type of guy. One of the highlights for me was Barrett trying for a rana where McKenzie caught him and powerbombed him onto the ring apron. Ouch. It was a very good opener. If you got the DVD, this would be worth watching again. Barrett is so good at selling every move and making it look important.

Winner: Barrett

They brought out a table, everyone thinking it was a match contract signing. The crowd chanted, “This won’t end well.” GM JT LaMotta came out introducing his top signee Jerome Daniels. Unfortunately in the crowd was Keith Lee, whom I believe is classified as a dwarf planet by NASA. Jerome signed his contract.

Second match: Bad Boyz (Seph Annunaki & Little Tony) vs. Flying Jackasses (Frankie Fisher & BC)

Bad Boyz are two guys who complement each other really well. You have Seph’s finesse, and Tony’s toughness. I didn’t see the usual comedy out of Frankie. He was a bit more serious. He spent most of the match taking the Bad Boyz’ punishment. Everything you would expect out classic tag team wrestling. We had a double bionic elbow from the Jackasses. Dusty tribute #2. BC hit the spear for the win.

Winner: Jackasses

Third match: Tim Storm vs. Apoc

Both these guys were part of the same tag team The Dark Circle. These guys are local legends. When Tim Storm wanted to have a match with Apoc, you knew it was going to be good. We started off with good old-school wrestling. Then Jason Silver’s music hit, and he started on the mic. This was now a triple threat match.

Real third match: Tim Storm vs. Apoc vs. Jason Silver

So Jason Silver brought in the flippy-floppy that Storm & Apoc were hoping to avoid. I had kind of just wanted to watch Storm and Apoc do their thing. Maybe that was the point of this match. I’m not sure. Silver won outta nowhere with at least a 450 splash. Geometry was never my strong suit.

Winner: Silver

After the match, Apoc was really upset with Silver for getting involved. Storm looked like he was going to calm him down. And then Tim Storm did what every one in the crowd knew he was going to do but still popped for it anyway. He attacked Silver and put the beatdown on him. Apoc and Storm put an old school beatdown on Silver. Then Silver’s tag team partner Gregory James came to the rescue. It did not last long as Apoc and Storm started the beatdown on Greg. The babyfaces came out of the locker room and we have a Dark Circle reunion!

Keith Lee was introduced and asked about who he wanted at the next match. Keith said he wanted Lou Sterrett.

During the intermission we got to meet a lot of wrestlers. Roderick Strong was very classy, as were War Machine. Franco D’Angelo had t-shirts in youth sizes and was so great to my daughter. And ignore what I said about Storm and Apoc earlier. They were total class acts and great with the fans.

Fourth match: Lou Sterrett vs. Franco D’Angelo (c) with Keith Lee as the special guest referee

This was for the Texas Outlaw Promotion Championship (a company that runs out of Mineral Wells). This is how good this was done. For a few minutes I felt that Keith Lee wouldn’t turn heel on Franco. If you’re buying this DVD, this will be one of those that you will want to watch. Mostly to see Keith Lee’s size. And Franco’s. Sterrett has worked for some top-tier indies (it took me a while to realize who he was). He moves through the air a lot more than you would expect somebody of his size to. Knowing his background from the Midwest, it’s no surprise. These guys had pretty good chemistry together, and Sterrett kept the crowd in it. Sure enough, Keith Lee attacked Franco for the pin.

Winner and new TOP champion: Sterrett

Fifth match: Andy Dalton (c) vs. Roderick Strong

Yeah, um, so I got to see Roderick Strong live. I remember first seeing him on an ROH tape (Yes, I said tape) as a tag team with Austin Aries. This match was contested under “Strong Style Rules,” whatever exactly that means. Dalton is one break away from having the great discovery of his talent. I dare say he is where ACH was 3 years ago. He took a lot of punishment from Strong, but he gave it back to Strong too. I didn’t write down too much. Just get the DVD. This match alone would be worth the price. Roderick Strong got the pin, and we celebrated. But then… JT LaMotta announced that since it was under “Strong Style Rules” and you could not win through pinfall. Then Strong got distracted long enough for Andy Dalton to get the pin. (I think. I got distracted.)

Winner: Dalton

I’m so confused but we all know that this was Dusty Rhodes tribute #3. The Dusty Finish.

Main event: Simply Irresistible (“Jiggle-O” James Johnson & “The Show Stealer” Matt Palmer) vs. Steele Money (Kenny Steele & Orion Taylor) vs. Absolute Arrogance (Ricky Starks & Carson) vs. War Machine (Hanson & Ray Rowe)

That was a mouthful. Yeah, you try to write in detail a high-paced, action filled with these 8, especially when you are forced to evacuate a chair because Hanson is about to moonsault from the top rope onto 7 wrestlers where your chair is. Get the DVD. I cannot describe this with justice. Steele Money was out first once they were attacked by Storm and Apoc. (That oughtta be a really good feud.) Simply Irresistible was eliminated next. Then it was War Machine vs. Absolute Arrogance. All 8 of them brought it. But it was the heels that walked away with the inaugural tag championship.

Winner: Absolute Arrogance

With my little girl’s help (kind of ), they announced the next show we would see a main event of ACH & The Young Bucks vs. Andy Dalton & Absolute Arrogance.

All in all… This was a very action-packed show. Of course I’m going to call the 4-way tag match “match of the night.” All 8 delivered. Strong-Dalton would have been match of the night on any other card. I popped majorly for The Dark Circle reunion. I am going to love the feud between Dark Circle and Steele Money. And my little girl had a nice birthday’s eve present.

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