IHWE New Year Knockout (or maybe Blackout) 1-30-2016

-Crowley, TX

Sometimes wrestling shows start as one thing, and then we see it mold and transform into something else. This was by far one of the most interesting, unforgettable wrestling shows I have ever been to or will go to. But I’ll get to why in a bit.

The night began with Jiggle-O welcoming the crowd. He was not medically cleared to wrestle so he would do commentary with legend Rob Moore.

First match: Orion Taylor w/ Kenny Steele vs Dontae Smiley

Taylor hasn’t been a heel very much before as he’s more of a natural babyface. Thankfully Kenny was there to help get the crowd going. I helped him out but going after his beloved Hurricanes. Smiley is an incredible athlete. With Taylor I get an ACH vibe. With Smiley I get an AR Fox. Could we be looking at the next incarnation of the two? The work was smooth and fluid. With Smiley about to suplex Taylor, Kenny held down the leg, enabling Taylor to move and put a Shooting Star Press on for the win.

Winner: Taylor

My first exposure to Smiley is I want to see more of him. And I would love to see these two feud.

Second match: Scott McKenzie w/ Steve Moody vs. John Allen

I may be the only person in the arena, but I popped for Steve Moody. I used to yell “Mr. Bean” at him going back to the days of the NWA Southwest. This was in contrast to the first match. This was a “catch as catch can” match between two storytellers. We had quite a bit of interference from Moody. Just when you think McKenzie had him down, Allen came from behind to get the pin.

Winner: Allen

Third match: Tag Team Turmoil

I’m going to do my best to try to recap this. There were some workers I was not familiar with. The first two were the Bad Boyz of Tony Black & Seph Annunaki vs Jerry Brown & Devin Durham (who were new to me). During this match the unthinkable happened. There was an accident in Crowley, TX that knocked out power for the entire city. All of a sudden, in a crowded rec center in a crowd of approximately 300, it went dark. The wrestlers continued as everybody expected them to. The show went on. And then something happened. There was still enough light from the photographers/cameramen. And then one cell phone flash light went on. And then another cellphone flashlight went on. It was like a Bray Wyatt entrance. The people lit up the match with their flashlights. In all my years of attending wrestling I’ve never seen anything like it.

Out next were Kristopher Haiden and Kenny Steele. Our family knows Haiden from a long time ago, and my daughter calls him Uncle. She wanted to come see this so she could watch her “uncle” wrestle. She wanted him to win, or it would hurt her feelings. (It’s awesome being 6, right?) They won their first match. Chase “Bam Bam” Malone and Jaxon Stone were next. These guys are both studs, especially Jaxon. Give them time. They’ll be at the top. Unholy Complex (Gregory James & Jason Silver) were next. The Oklahoma Guys of Doberman & John Famous were out next. And if I remember correctly, it was Unholy Complex and the team of Barrett Brown (who is slowly becoming Matt Cross, I believe) & Andy Dalton in the finals. When I saw Barrett & Greg wrestling, I just thought about Steen-Generico, Rock-Austin, Sting-Flair, how these guys are destined to battle each other forever. After a beatdown from the Oklahoma boys, Barrett & Dalton won.

Winner and new tag champs: Barrett Brown & Andy Dalton

Tex As Red came out to talk to Jiggle-O. Out to his rescue came Louisiana-area talent Shane Taylor. Shane Taylor is like a way more agile Viscera. He’s worked for some ROH tapings in the past. If the wrestling industry evolves to value a hoss division, he’s going to be at the top of your list.

Fourth match: Ashton Jacobs (c) vs. Joe Angelo Garcia

This is still in the dark with two very underrated talents. Joey is quickly becoming one of Texas’ most underrated talents, and Ashton is in a place where he’s still one of DFW’s most underrated talents. It’s a little hard to come up with highLIGHTS when there are no lights.

Winner: Jacobs

Fifth Match: Jessica James (c) vs. Miss Diss Lexia (c) vs. Leva Bates

So many things to say about this match. Lexia won this a few years ago and then ended up moving to the East Coast to try to make a name for herself out there. She’s done us very proud, sprinkling her name all over highspots.com. Leva was the only one without a trophy prompting her during the match yelling out, “But I want a trophy too.” While Leva wore her Blue Pants outfit, Jessica dressed up like Rogue from X-men fame.

I’m going to go into Dad mode and not blogger for a while. I have a little girl who is incredibly shy. We got our picture with Athena once, and that was a miracle. You have to catch her and she is okay. I explained to Leva my daughter was way too shy to talk to her, and Leva sat down in front of us doing the match. It was awesome seeing a wrestler go out of her way to interact with my daughter.

Winner: Jessica

All 3 celebrated with a selfie after such a crazy, insane, dimly-lit match. Sentimentally this was my choice for match of the night.

Main event: Charlie Haas & Ray Rowe vs. Rodney Mack w/Kenneth Wade & Jax Dane

It was a little unfair to the rest of the matches that this one had the fortune of existing when the power came back on. So sorry to the wrestlers-the pop of the night went to the power coming back on. Charlie Haas took credit for it. He had ECW Bubba Ray Dudley heat. It was really funny how Ray Rowe had the same kind of heat without having to say much. We enjoyed barking for Rodney, and I got to explain to my daughter why we were barking for him, and that I used to do that with her grandmother. And this was my first chance to see Jax Dane. He looks like King Kong Bundy but with muscles. The match ended with Charlie pinning Jax the NWA Champion.

Winner: Haas & Rowe

All in all… This is probably one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen in my life, and it had nothing to do with the work put on by the wrestlers. It was the spirit shown by the fans. The only thing illuminating the ring was the lights from photographers and camerapeople, but the fans used their own power to illuminate everything. There was a spirit I cannot describe.

Match of the night… My personal favorite was the ladies’s match. I remember saying at one point that my little girl (an NXT junkie who can name everybody on the NXT roster) would love to see Leva live and said what a good match she would have against Jessica or Delilah Doom (hint, hint) or Athena (who was still not signed then). The next thing I knew she was booked and on her way. The main event was a good match but had the bias of power. So I will say Ashton-Garcia. I want to see more Smiley, Jaxon, Bam Bam and Garcia.

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One Response to IHWE New Year Knockout (or maybe Blackout) 1-30-2016

  1. John M. says:

    It was a great night. I know I won’t ever forget this show. Some thoughts…
    Dontae Smiley is the for real. I first saw him in another promotion and was impressed with him then. Very athletic, I predict great things for him in time. Sad he was working with a two on one handicap. Which surprised me. I’m not used to seeing Steel Money as heels.

    I’m glad you explained who Steve Moody was, because no one I talked to knew who he was either. I just yelled for him to get his Walmart wearing butt out of the ring. Scott McKenzie can flat go. I’ve also watched him elsewhere, and he’s got the strength and endurance to make your life miserable. I’m not sure Mr. Walmart helped his cause at all. John Allen did a good job and it worked in his favor.

    The tag teams, oh boy. With the lights out, it got a whole new feel to the night. I hoped Kristopher Haiden and Kenny Steele would have gone further. The Unholy Complex is awesome to watch anywhere. Go see them whenever you can. For some relative newcomers, at least to me, BB&J (Malone and Stone) are the ones to watch. They’re young, fast, and strong. They complement each others strengths, and they’re talented as all, both as a tag team and in singles matches. Again, I’ve seen them other places, and they’re not to be missed. Oklahoma Famous was fun to watch as well. And it’s YOUR Oklahoma Savior, Doberman. 😀

    Last bit, watch Joey Garcia. I’ve only followed his career since last August, and several of us agree, see him now, because this guy will not be around forever. He’s collected belts all over, it seems, and he’s only getting better all the time. A Killer Tim Brooks guy, he’s athletic as the day is long, He’s impressed me mightily.

    Sorry for hijacking this…

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