VIPX Blood, Sweat & Scars 7-8-2016

Sorry it’s been forever since I’ve blogged. Lots happened in our world over the past week.

First match: Lou Sterrett w/Big Sed vs. Cherry Ramons

I was a little confused at this match. Who am I supposed to be cheering for? Lou and Sed are bad. Cherry is a natural heel. He does the male stripper type moves. I don’t know that he’s there with this crowd where he does the same things he does as a heel and gets cheered. Cherry began the match with a dance-off. Lou attacked him, starting off the action. Lou is so good at keeping the crowd engaged and active. Big Sed had lots of interference. The more I see Lou, the more I see him changing the face of DFW wrestling out of the era of “good ol’ Texas rasslin'” to the 21st century. We had a Snap Suplex onto the ring apron, which got a unison ouch from the crowd. We also had a springboard into an RKO. Lou won after Big Sed’s interference. This could have been a healthy main event.

Winner: Sterrett

Second match: Already Dead & Dangerous (Seph Annunaki& Johnny Solo) vs Radikal Athletes (Ty Wilson & Dontae Smiley) 

I’ve been watching Seph since the dawn of his career. It seems like he has found a way of aligning himself with a much bigger wrestler. So you have the combination of the monster and high-flyer. I like their name. And the Radikal Athletes are such natural talents there is no limit to how high they can go. Smiley specifically could be the next Ricochet (especially with those abs). There were a few cringes, but you’ve got some guys working on their crafts. As long as they improve that’s what we look at.

Winner: Radikal Athletes

Third match: JT LaMotta w/Killer McKenzie vs. MASADA w/Christi Jaynes

Fresh off his viral performance outside the ring, The Killer (introduced for the first time as SuperTex) was going to be in LaMotta’s corner. So to even everything out, MASADA had somebody in his corner-wrestler Christi Jaynes. This is my first time to see her. She’s got quite the look about her. I could see her going pretty far in the business should everything align. McKenzie was going to make sure that LaMotta was going to fight a real wrestling match against MASADA. Keith Roberts (co-owner) reminded LaMotta over the mic that when they talked about bringing in McKenzie and LaMotta said he was trash. Well, McKenzie’s countenance changed and left LaMotta behind. Then Christi went after LaMotta with the skewers.

Winner: MASADA

Fun hardcore match with a great crowd brawl.

Fourth match: Nicole Savoy vs. Jessica James vs. Ruthless Lala

This match had pretty decent build-up. I’m going to warn you. I’m very biased for Nicole, who is such a great ambassador for the wrestling industry. For what little I’ve seen of Lala’s story, she’s worked through a lot of challenges to get back in that ring. You had two of Texas’ finest going against one of North America’s finest. We had some awesome kicks and strikes. For the finish Nicole had Lala in the armbar. The drama was so good here.

Winner: Nicole

After the match in the locker room I heard that they needed to be separated. And the best part? Lala and Nicole even sold merch at different times. It’s the little things.

Fifth match: Anthony Mercer & C.T. Jones vs. Hip Hop Express (Orion Taylor & Kenny Steele w/BC)

If/when BC’s in-ring wrestling career is over, he will always have a role in wrestling. And that is because he can talk. We have the new gimmick for these 3 which is a throwback to old school 90’s rap. So perfect. It was a total squash match.

Winner: HHE

Sixth match: Sammy Guevara vs. Laredo Kid vs. Americos vs. Joey Garcia w/Nigel Rabid

So let me tell you a little story.

In the mid-2000’s While going through my Spanish major at UT Arlington I would watch Mexican wrestling also known as lucha libre in a promotion known as AAA. One of those wrestlers I used to watch was a man by the name of Laredo Kid. Well tonight I got to greet this Laredo Kid in Spanish and meet him.

This was for the Smash Mouth Bull of the Woods championship. There were two parts to this match’s story. There was the action from Sammy and Laredo Kid. Then there is a blood feud boiling between Garcia/Rabid and Americos. Let all 4 of these loose on each other? It was lyrical. If you choose to go back and watch this match, you will notice all the “oohs” the crowds had with this match. It was impossible to touch on every person and their roles. Just watch the match. That’s all I can say.

Winner: Sammy

Seventh match: Lance Hoyt vs. Keith Lee

This was in many ways a battle of the titans. You have Lance Hoyt. And if there was a person I would cast in the role of the Incredible Hulk, it would be Keith Lee. The man is a beast. He recently debuted for Beyond Wrestling, and hopefully this begins a bigger journey for him. They began with a shoulder block which neither could overcome the other. So they backed a farther distance. No win yet. Then they went to opposite ends of the bar and met head-on. They collided right in front of me, which was really cool. The story was that the two could not beat each other. This match definitely needs to be seen.

Winner: Lee

After the match, Hoyt took the mic and told Lee he was “there.” And in a truly horrific week, Hoyt acknowledged everything that’s gone on and reminded us all to love each other. Somebody get this man a podcast or something. Keith Lee responded saying that he’s been in the wrestling industry since ’05. This was the first time he’d ever beaten Lance Hoyt. Next he’s coming for Ray Rowe in September. That, folks, is what you call a build-up.

Eighth match: Shane Taylor vs. Chris Hero

Yes, I just wrote the name Chris Hero. Let me tell you another story.

In the early 2000’s there was a young 20-year-old tape trader who discovered a wrestler having a one-shot at CZW by the name of Chris Hero. Then I began to see him elsewhere: a Ted Petty Invitational tournament in IWA MidSouth, a 94-minute ironman match between him and CM Punk, and a Kings of Wrestling tag team with current WWE superstar Cesaro. Well, tonight after watching him on tape, DVD and finally iPPV, I got the chance to meet Chris Hero.

So this is one of the biggest matches of Shane Taylor’s career. Taylor is one Louisiana’s finest. And I feel he is becoming one of the South’s finest. He’s a big man, and I’d place his agility up against many other big men his size. These guys hit hard. Really hard. It was excellent, brutal and proved Taylor could stand toe to toe with somebody of Hero’s caliber. Chris Hero was going to win. Of course? Right? I found myself doubting who was going to win. I was lost in the story of who was going to win. In the end there is only one Chris Hero.

Winner: Hero

After the match, Hero put over Taylor on the mic.

Main event: New Jack vs. Action Jackson in a Fans Bring the Weapons Match

What are you supposed to say about this? This actually had quite the build-up. New Jack is dating Diamond Icee, who is coincidentally AJ’s sister. AJ doesn’t like that his sister is dating New Jack. I had some older fans who were next to me. My #1 priority was their safety. So during the match as they were brawling past me, New Jack touched my arm. Getting in New Jack’s way? Crossed off wrestling fan bucket list. During the match, Diamond low blew her brother. So she’s made her decision. Right? Then she low blew New Jack. Then they were attacked by a configuration of Lou Sterrett, Big Sed and two guys I did not recognize.

After some promo-cutting, AJ & New Jack announced they would be teaming up the next time in September.

All in all… A very excellent show. I loved getting to meet Laredo Kid and Chris Hero. May I also say that Chris Hero is one of the nicest big names I’ve ever met? So, must see matches? Lou-Cherry, the women’s triple threat, the 4-way, Hoyt-Lee and Taylor-Hero. The Radikal Athletes are also worth watching. And if you like hardcore matches, those were fun to watch. And the Hip Hop Express are money waiting to print. This should definitely be a owned DVD.

Here is where it gets real. Dallas and its surrounding area have been through hell this week. We needed a release. We needed an escape. We needed, for 20 minutes, the most important thing in our world to be whether Keith Lee was going to win. Thank you, VIP, for giving us that.

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  1. nipodcast says:

    I agree definitely needed a release from this weeks terrible events.

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