VIP Wrestling Setting the Bar 3 Night 1 9-8-2016

The hardest part of the past 2 days is knowing I was going to try to put words to them. This is by no means an easy task. My apologies to the wrestlers ahead of time. I took ok notes. But you try taking notes on an 8-man match with DJ Z, Sonjay Dutt & AR Fox. All I will say is both of these events will be out on DVD. Both of these will be worth your money.

First match: Jerome Daniels w/ Jamie Oller vs. Davey Vega

I’ve had the privilege of following Jerome’s career for a while. I’ve noticed that he has begin reinventing himself as an MMA hybrid. It’s nice having that extra dimension as the MMA world and pro wrestling world are a lot more alike than they admit.  Davey Vega is one of the most underrated workers in North America. If you want your guy to look good, bring in Davey. He bumped and sold like crazy. At one part Davey turned a rana into an armbreaker. I hope the commentators capitalized on that. Davey using a submission on a submission specialist. A little bit of an insult. Jerome reversed it and then got Davey tapping out.

Winner: Jerome

Good sportsmanship afterwards. BB&J of Bam Bam Malone and Jaxon Stone came out for a quick segment. Bam Bam was injured and would not be able to compete tonight. Because of Jaxon Stone’s heart, Raymond Rowe offered him a match.

Second match: Nobe Bryant vs. Curt Stallion vs. Jastin Taylor

This was one of the sleeper matches of the night. You had Nobe, who has the hardest chops in Texas. He is one of the Dallas area’s finest and has been for a long time. Jastin is an amazing athlete. I’d like to see more of him. And Curt Stallion had some amazing heel work. He did a crazy suicide dive (so crazy his mom got up to see if he was okay). This was a nice surprise.

Winner: Nobe

Third match: Bad Boyz (Tony Black & Seph Annunaki) vs Radikal Athletes (Dontae Smiley & Ty Wilson)

So I think this was for the Big Texas Wrestling tag championship (Imagine that. Two wrestling promotions in the area working together. You don’t find that often in other regions.) in Cleburne. So how do I describe the Radikal Athletes? Ty Wilson reminds me a lot of Xavier Woods. And Smiley looks a lot like Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire). And best abs in Texas? I’d have to give that award to Smiley. If you feel yours are better, I’m sure my wife would like to set up a contest as a judge. We had an insane double plancha from the Athletes. But with the referee’s back turned, Tony gave a knockout punch giving Seph the pin.

Winner: Bad Boyz

Then the referee figured out the interference (which I HATE this logic), and awarded the match via disqualification to the Athletes.

Fourth match: Americos vs Joey Garcia w/ Nigel Rabid in a TLC match

This is the culmination in a long feud between these two. I’d call this two of Texas’ finest Cruiserweights. Americos, or “Americo,” as Michael Cole renamed him, fresh of his Monday Night Raw debut, and being the catalyst for the epic match between Braun Stroman and Sin Cara, looked great out there with Joey. And Nigel was at the peek of his Nigel-ness. We had some pretty crazy spots. If you like these types of matches, this will be a highlight for you. We had a table set up. (By the way, NEVER set up the table. You ALWAYS go through it.) And Joey and Nigel both ended up going through the table. Americos was about to win and out came 7′ tall Kevin Cross (and if I’m correct, being 7-foot tall, is something you can’t teach). He choke-slammed Americos through the table.

Winner: Garcia

Does this lead to a Big Show-Mysterio feud between Cross and Americos?

Fifth match: Raymond Rowe (c) vs. Jaxon Stone

I had the opportunity to sit next to Jax’s mom for this match. Those are always the most fun matches. Jax has so much raw talent there. He’s one half of a really good tag team. They are really riding a wave of success. I’d like to see them continue this path for now. But eventually the time will come for Jaxon. There was some fun comedy at the beginning. And then Rowe did one of my favorite things. He turned to the crowd and said, “Now this concludes the technical portion of this match.” I think we all knew Rowe was winning. But even then there were a few moments where I thought “Just maybe…”

Winner: Rowe

The thing I wrote after this match was that Jax looked like he belonged there. I forgot where this showed up in the sequence. They introduced Cody Rhodes’ better half Brandi. Brandi thanked the fans for coming out tonight. And then Crazy Mary Dobson interrupted. She was one of the weekend’s unsung heroes. She cut a promo about how Brandi was not a wrestler. Pretty good build-up.

Sixth match: Hip Hop Express (Kenny Steele & Orion Taylor w/BC) vs. Pretty Boy Killers (Shane Taylor & Keith Lee) vs. Sons of Texas (Andy Dalton & Moonshine Mantell)

I don’t think this match was a surprise. I knew it was going to be good as is. And then you added in the dynamic of the PBK. This is one of the reasons to get this DVD. The Hip Hop Express is a brilliant gimmick. The PBK should be taking over Ring of Honor any time soon. Keith Lee has recently debuted with Beyond Wrestling. That’s usually a big milestone with being discovered in the greater indy world (see ACH). Dalton is fresh off his first tour of NOAH. And Moonshine is fresh off his debut on Smackdown! as Heath Slater’s doctor. Keep your eyes on all 6 of these. There was a Shane Taylor splash on Kenny that involved him being first which drew a “You killed Kenny” chant. One of the “Holy s***” moments of the night was Moonshine lifting up Keith Lee (who is like a much prettier version of “The Thing”/Ben Grimm) and then Dalton doing the Doomsday Device. But that was not enough. The PBK won by a powerbomb followed by a splash.

Winner and #1 contenders: PBK

Main event: Chris Hero vs. Cody Rhodes w/Brandi Rhodes

Somehow, I am going to have to find words to put this match to. When Cody Rhodes left the WWE, he made a list of accomplishments he wanted to achieve. One of them was facing Chris Hero. I had the chance to see Hero a few months ago for the first time live. And I had been a fan of his since his CZW/IWA Mid South days. When Cody Rhodes was a kid, I remember him getting an Apter mag featurette about what his name was going to be as a wrestler. (Are you ready for this? It was “The Stardust Kid.”) I also had the chance to meet Dusty when I was 19. It was the first time I ever had the opportunity to meet a wrestler and it was then (and still is) one of the highlights of my life. And here was Cody Rhodes, once a WWE superstar, guest star on Warehouse 13, the guy who fought Stephen Amell at Summerslam, here in my line of vision.

Chris Hero came out to an enormous pop. PLUS he had Dallas Mavericks-style tights made and a customized Mavs jersey. You know what I’m thinking. He’s planning on coming back here regularly. Brandi did the ring intro for Cody. He was announced as “The Grandson of a Plumber” (which got us all in our feels and drew a huge “Dusty” chant, as this is his home state) and announced as fighting out of Denton County (the county north of where this match took place, about a 30-minute drive-or 90-minute, depending on traffic) to an enormous pop. You could feel the emotion.

Now onto the match itself. The crowd started off with a “Both These Guys” chant. Cause really, how DOES one choose between those two? Some fans chanted “test of strength” at Hero. He went over to the fans and to have one and then went away. Cody then got into the crowd and had one with the fans. And then he found adorable Alex who is about 4’10” and lost a test of strength to her. Also during the match, Crazy Mary interfered and we had a ladies’ brawl between Brandi and Crazy Mary. When that match happens it is going to turnt up af.

When you’re watching a match between these two talents, you put your notebook down and watch it. So I don’t have a lot of notes on this. Get the DVD. Trust me.

Winner: Rhodes

After the show Cody and his wife Brandi spent time talking to every fan and signing whatever. AND do you know how much they charged? $0. I prepared to spend some major cheddar and they didn’t charge. By doing that I was able to support more wrestlers and not get in so much trouble with my wife.

All in all… A very fun show with a dream match. A very emotional night for me. The matches that stood out were the two triple threat matches. If you haven’t seen the Radikal Athletes yet, find a reason to. Cody and Brandi were so nice and personable as were Crazy Mary, Rowe, Hero and all the others. Definitely worth the DVD.

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