MPX Wrestling-Evolution 9-24-2016

This was my first time to enter the new MPX arena. It is completely night and day compared to the old one. There is this weird new advancement they have at this place called air conditioning. AND they have a new advancement called “family seating.” So you’re in a couch, they bring you some chilled adult beverages (depending on your age) and you enjoy a front seat in style. I dare call it best package wrestling deal in the Dallas area. This is MPX’s building and you can tell they are right at home there.

Kody Kox welcomed us all, hyping the night. The night got off to a rocking start.

First match: Franco D’Angelo w/ James Hawke vs. Nobe Bryant

There is a faction of the more traditional old school wrestlers managed by Hawke. I’ve seen Hawke since the dawn of his career. To see him right now the mouthpiece of a top faction makes me very proud of him. He has turned his heat from X-Pac heat to genuine heat where you boo him with a smile. Between Franco and Nobe, they’ve both wrestled each other so many times. They knew exactly what to do. I’ve seen Franco as heel, face and “it’s complicated.” What I liked about this one is that he had a different heel style than I’ve seen elsewhere. Nobe is a total athletic stud. Nobe usually has the best chops in Texas, but tonight I think Franco might have bested him. This was about them setting up the two of them as qualifiers for the Prospect title. Neither could best the other. It got really intense and they ended up outside too long for the double countout.

Winner: Double countout

Second match: The Faithful (James Johnson and Scott McKenzie) vs. Team FIP (Donovan Danhausen & Jason Cade)

If you are unfamiliar with Full Impact Pro, part of the WWNLive family, here is their site. I would say it’s the place you go to before you go to EVOLVE. Johnson & McKenzie have been in the area forever. They were a good match-up for these guys. I’ve seen Danhausen since his time in DREAMWAVE when they brought him down to Austin to wrestle for Inspire Pro. Guy is insanely good. Danhausen did the face in peril really well for a long time. Cade has a certain fluidity. There is something there to where he would have some good matches with our high flyers here.

Winner: Faithful

Third match: Randy Wayne w/ James Hawke vs. Kenny Steele w/Nigel Rabid vs. Baby D

Intergender matches are really delicate, but handled correctly, they can work. Apparently last week Kenny had some injury where Nigel kept telling everybody he was okay. And it was played to death and then went viral. So after Nigel was done he gave Kenny the mic and Kenny cut one of the greatest promos I’ve ever heard. “I’m ok.” Pop of the night. Baby D has come a long way with her work. This was also a very interesting story on paper. You had country-tough, former marine Randy, gifted, natural athlete Kenny and then Baby D. At first the boys just kind of ignored her. Then she made them acknowledge her. She looked like she belonged in there. Now she was facing the opposite direction. So I’m not sure what exactly happened. Some say she might have kissed Wayne for the 3-count. I’d be more terrified of the repercussions from Mrs. Wayne.

Winner: Baby D

After the match Nigel talked and gave Kenny the mic to reproduce the greatest promo I’ve ever heard, “I’m ok.”

Fourth match: Low Rider vs. Steven Kirby

So Kirby has recently lost the belt and is trying to work his way back up to the top. I’m sure I’ve had to have seen Low Rider wrestle before. Nevertheless I liked what I saw there. Low Rider at first didn’t want to face Kirby. I mean, he had a partially drunken bottle of something alcoholic. I want to say Jack Daniels, but that is not where my specialty is. So Kirby did all his moves while still holding on to the bottle. I liked the match’s concept. Here is the guy on his way back up. He goes against the luchador rudo.

Winner: Kirby

Fifth match: Douki vs. Jerome Daniels w/Jamie Oller

I tried googling the name Douki to translate it. Turns out it’s complicated to translate. Turns out it’s also pronounced “dough-key” and not “doo-key.” However thank you wrestling fans for chanting that at him after we found out that was his name. This is my first time to see Douki. He’s billed as the “Japanese Luchador.” Jerome has reinvigorated his career by adding the MMA moves arsenal. This match had really good mat wrestling. If you like watching mat technicians, this was your match. I’d go so far to call this the sleeper match.

Winner: Jerome

We found out that next week Jerome gets Jigsaw.

Sixth match: Frankie Fisher vs. Kevin Cross w/ Nigel Rabid

Frankie is angry and wanted the 7′ Cross. The story was about trying to take down the massive 7-footer. Angry Frankie means we don’t get to see the comedy, which is one of my favorite parts about him. The climax of the match came when Cross was finally toppled. However when he toppled, it was onto the ref. As expected, the referee was motionless. Then came out Kenny to interfere and cause Cross to win the match.

Winner: Cross

It was then announced we would be seeing Frankie vs. Kenny in a hardcore match, where if Frankie wins, he gets 7 minutes in the ring alone with Nigel.

Main event: Brandon Collins (c) vs. Matt Palmer

This match had so much good one-night build-up. We got to get our pictures with champion Collins in the pre-show. Palmer came out to join him as a surprise because they’re friends, right? Then later on, they were interviewing Collins and Palmer approached him, asking him how he’s doing, how his knee was, which was it again. And then the action began. Palmer was cold, calculating. He took some advantages and was ruthless, going after the bad knee. The onslaught continued. We had a crazy crowd brawl (btw, MPX, a few security guards wouldn’t hurt) where somebody was back body-dropped onto the couch behind me. But whatever Palmer gave Collins, it was not enough. Collins retained.

Winner: Collins

All in all… First of all, I LOVE the new building. A lot of MPX’s problems have been resolved with this venue. I liked Douki & Low Rider. And of course, I loved seeing the guys from FIP. And they raised more questions I need answering. What will become of Frankie vs. Kenny, Jerome vs. Jigsaw? It was great to be part of the family again.

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