VIP Wrestling Love Steel Hurts

A wonderful night of professional wrestling is in the books. We began with the pre-show match. VIP put out a poll and these two finished the highest so they were given the opportunity.

First match: Jaxon Stone vs. Jastin Taylor

Jaxon Stone is close to being the complete package. He pretty much has everything. He is fresh off his stint in wXw. You think he’s a face until he demands silence to take off his coat. Jastin has great athleticism and moves like he’s smaller. (He also looks like Gordon from Sesame Street so I pop for him from an inner toddler level.) You can see the European influence in Jaxon. Not overwhelming but enough to see some changes. The guys really took the most of their opportunity. I wrote, “We doing the main event already?” The story was that neither could beat the other.

Winner: Draw

After the match, ring announcer Keith Roberts asked the guys if they were willing to go into OT. Jaxon refused as he was only being paid for 10 minutes. Perfect. I’d love to see these guys go at it again.

Second match: Steve Anthony vs. Jerome Daniels

We all know that Steve Anthony is one of the most talented complete workers in the South. He looks kind of like Buff Bagwell, but with talent and without calf implants. But he’s even surpassing my expectations in this new incarnation. (BTW, I’m in the living room writing this wearing my Pretty Boy Killers tee, not in my mother’s basement in my underwear.) Anthony was announced as being from “Anywhere but Arlington, forget that, anywhere but the Dallas area, never mind, you all suck.” (Forgive me for misquoting anything.) Jerome is super-over in the area. It was a good match-up to start the night. Both guys were very evenly matched. Something else I didn’t foresee. This match had comedy spots. The Steve Anthony match was the comedy match of the night. I repeat, the Steve Anthony match was the comedy match of the night. Props to the fans when Jerome’s trunks were pulled down and the crowd chanted to fan of CW’s The Flash Jerome “That’s a real flash.” Unfortunately Anthony proved to be too much and took the victory.

Winner: Anthony

Third match: Extr Talent-ED (Ricky Starks & Aaron Solow) vs Vet Club (Tim Storm & Adam Asher) w/ Kristopher Haiden

I liked the mix here. You had Tim Storm with Rick Manning as referee. Tim Storm reminded everybody that he is NWA World Champion, whereby, Ricky Starks said the NWA is about as relevant as a floppy disc. And most wrestling fans fit into these two groups. The story here was “Is Rick Manning corrupt or not?” And they told the tale of “old school” vs “flashy.” Solow had a surprise roll-up pin.

Winner: Extra Talent-ED

Not very happy, the Vet Club took it out on Manning and several security guards. (Poor Michael)

Fourth match: Fuego del Sol vs. Barrett Brown vs. ACH

You have 2 guys who are where ACH was about 10 years ago. Fuego has a lot of buzz around him. Barrett is one of the finest talents in Texas. And ACH was announced as “The Guy Who Pays His Bills With This Shit.” ACH had a heckler (which is really funny because he’s a legend and a god in Texas), and paused to handle her. After he took off his shirt, he made eye contact with her and said, “See, this right here? This is more action than you will get this entire month.” So you had three incredible high flyers going at it. They began with trading superkicks. I literally wrote down “I give up.” This was a recapper’s worst nightmare. One of the things I wrote down was we had 3 simultaneous superkicks. I was just blown away by the work these guys put in.

Winner: Barrett

It was a surprise moment and pin. ACH belongs on a national stage (*cough, cough, 205 Live). I see this as a kind of passing the torch locally. It’s time for Barrett to reach that next stage, whatever it may be.

Fifth match: Delilah Doom vs. Thunder Rosa

I had the chance to meet Rosa before the show. What a wonderful ambassador and representative for her industry. Also you can tell that she puts a lot of work into her physique. And I’ve said this before, but I’d rather my daughter emulate a Thunder Rosa than some Disney starlet who’ll be in and out of rehab for a decade. Also, watch the California independent scene. There is so much talent contained in that one little area. And speaking of things to watch, keep an eye out for Delilah. No lie, I am a huge fan of hers. She is like sunshine in human form. Things are beginning to come together for her on a larger stage. RISE (which is kind of like NXT for SHIMMER) has built a company around her and some other names. This is one of the best matches I’ve seen Delilah have. Both ladies delivered a match of the night contender. Nothing I can say here. Might I say “The Best Women’s Match I’ve Ever Seen Live”?

Winner: Rosa

After the match we had sportsmanship and “Please come back” chants for Rosa. I forget at what part of the night this was, so I’ll just put this right here. The Hip Hop Express came out and we got to hear Kenny Steele spit out some bars. And then when it was Orion Taylor’s turn, we got to hear the secret confession. Taylor is not into Hip Hop that much. He likes country. This was not acceptable for Kenny and BC (the manager). They put the beatdown on Taylor. These two have such a long historic past (some of it which even includes me), I am all about seeing these two go at it in the future.

Sixth match: Sammy Guevara vs. DJ Z

Sammy has all the talent and ability in the world. He is one right audition from signing with a top company. His youth has gotten him in some trouble in the past. But now you can see some more maturity in him and in his work. This was originally supposed to be Matt Cross. But because of an injury, Cross was out and if you can’t deliver Matt Cross, DJ-freaking-Z is a pretty good replacement. I have been a fan of DJ Z ever since I discovered AIW (and he had the huge fro). These two clicked. I wrote down it was like seeing a fight in zero gravity. During the match, DJ Z looked right at my area while he and Sammy were fighting outside and told us to move. Note to self, when he says do that, DO IT. Sammy and DJ Z were fighting right where my chair was. ANOTHER Match of the Night contender.

Winner: Guevara

Yes, that’s right. In the span of a few months, Sammy has defeated Zack Sabre Jr. and DJ Z.

Seventh match: New Jack & Action Jackson vs Certified G’s w/The Thug Syndicate

Okay, so this was a New Jack match. No 450 splashes or anything. But first the Certified G’s put out a challenge. This match was going to be on their terms. They were going to have a real wrestling match with AJ & New Jack. If they could last 10 minutes, they would have a falls count anywhere match. So some poor security guard had to take New Jack’s trash can o’ fun from him. That has got to be in the list of “History’s Worst Jobs.” To nobody’s surprise, this match went the 10 minutes. But the greatest part was the crowd was behind it every second. At the end of the 10 minutes, the match got a “This is wrestling” chant. I repeat a New Jack match got a “This is wrestling” chant. Once the 10 minutes were over, the match deteriorated and went outside. I did not go out there because I didn’t feel like fighting a crowd to see all the goodness.

Winner: Certified G’s

This was the perfect match placement. While that quartet was participating in carnage, the ring crew got to work on the steel cage assembly.

Main event: Pretty Boy Killers (Shane Taylor & Keith Lee (c) ) vs. War Machine (c) (Ray Rowe & Hanson) in a steel cage

I don’t use the word epic very often. This is about as close as I get. The two teams took forever to get in the ring. And even then, it took a while for all 4 to get into the cage. Ray Rowe was the smallest guy in this match. Think about that for a minute. So many “Holy —-” moments. 4 incredible men giving everything. An epic match, an epic feud, 4 epic talents. Hard to take notes when you’re watching a match of this caliber.

Winner: PBK (and new tag champs)

After the match, the 4 had a moment and hearing Ray Rowe on the mic yelling, “Hey, you, stop leaving, you are not going anywhere” was great.

All in all… What an incredible night. So much talent on this card from top to bottom. 4 must-see matches: ACH-Barrett-Fuego, Delilah-Rosa, Sammy-DJ and of course the main event. The MVP of the night was ring announcer Keith telling the guys yelling Sweet on every 2 count that they would be escorted out.

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