Dallas Championship Wrestling-What Doesn’t Kill You-September 20, 2018

Hey, I’m back. It’s really been 18 months since I’ve blogged. I tried podcasting and when it comes to wrestling recaps, podcasting was not my ministry. As the great Dusty Rhodes was famous for saying, you dance with the one who brung ya.

The venue was okay. One person working the door made the intake a little difficult. And being outside in the sprinkles made our hair a little difficult. (Thank God for hats, amirite?) The production values are good and the company is ran well.

Dark match: Baby D & Guy with Spartan stuff on his gear vs. Somebody Omega & Somebody Devine

I have no idea who the 3 trainees are. The only one I knew was Baby D. She wasn’t advertised so it was a good surprise. The Spartan guy had a good dropkick and spinebuster. The guys are trainees so I will give them time to develop before I really go all in. I want to see a match stipulation where the only way to win is to put Baby D in a corner.

Winner: D & partner

First match: Steve O-Reno vs. Randy Wayne w/Miranda Gordy (kind of)

I’m familiar with Steve’s matches from his work in Austin. He is an amazing talent. I haven’t gotten to see him doing much heel work so this was fun to see this side of it. Randy Wayne had been attacked by somebody with white shoes. Out came Mr. Sunshine who looks like he shows up at the Comic Con dressed up as Col. Sanders (like Dolph Ziggler must). I am so tired of heel authority figures in wrestling. I want to go back to 1992 Jack Tunney.

I am thinking of a poor young man who becomes smitten with this young, pretty blond and asks her out. She agrees, and they arrange on a time. He pulls up to the house, rings the doorbell and much to his chagrin, the pretty blond’s dad answers. And it’s not just any dad. It’s this guy. There’s like, a top 5 of wrestlers I would least like to see: Tracy Smothers, Haku/Meng, Nikita Koloff, New Jack, and of course Gordy (not in that order). That’s what I think of seeing Miranda. I love what Gordy is doing in Randy Wayne’s corner in general. They have created some legitimate heat with the Von Erich stans. It’s great to watch people be worked in 2018 still. Ms. Gordy was not allowed to be in his corner. She had, however, bought a ticket and was sitting at ringside, ever so innocently drinking her beer.

Randy Wayne was working on one knee for this. A one-kneed Randy Wayne can still out-wrestle most of Texas. When the ref tried to check Wayne for foreign objects and stuff, Wayne flipped him off. That’s our guy. He plays the antihero role well. So the story became how much punishment can the bad knee take? Also, how was Miranda Gordy going to get involved?

Winner: Steve O-Reno

In the end, Steve was too much too handle. It was a strong match. Randy lost the match yet lost nothing. Forgive me if I got the order of events wrong, but at some point the man with the white shoes was revealed to be Tommy Becker, wearing what had to be an Oompa Loompa costume. And then the Impact Players (2017), attacked Wayne, bringing to the rescue the Impact Players opponents.

Second match: Jerome Daniels vs Nate Collins

I remember the first time I saw “The Concrete Cowboy” Nate Collins. It is the perfect gimmick for him. Texas has no shortage of cowboy gimmicks, but none of them look like Collins. The man has a certain likability and charm. He’s bigly over with this crowd. My challenge for him. You’re quite over with your home crowd. The challenge is going to be in finding new ways to get over outside DFW.

I love watching people reinvent themselves. Jerome has made a metamorphosis from a traditional, catch as catch can to a more mat-based wrestler. In a world where everybody is doing Reverse Knife Edge Chops, Suicide Dives and the same flippy dippy, it’s nice to see a wrestler focus his offense on the mat. Also it was good to give Collins the experience of working with an experienced vet on the mat.

Winner: Jerome

A refreshing match, good respect between the two.

Third match: Ashton Jacobs vs Kody Lane

Because I’m narcissistic and think people outside Texas might stumble upon this, if you are not booking Kody Lane, get on it. I believe he was trained by ACH, if not trained, at least mentored. The guy oozes talent. I’m not sure where he is yet, but I think he and his tag partner Zac Taylor are close to becoming one of the top tag teams in Texas, if not THE top. And when it’s time, the two will split and become top main eventing talent. I’m not sure what Jacobs’ goal was in this match. He kept the crowd engaged and served as the heel to Lane’s face.

Winner: Lane

Fourth match: Thunder Rosa & Lacey Ryan vs. Lady Poison & Wesley Crane

It’s going to take me forever to get onto the actual match. Thunder Rosa is my favorite wrestler, and one of my favorite people in the wrestling industry (along with her husband Brian). I try to have my daughter spend as much time around her as I can, even if it’s just watching her in action. Lacey Ryan is now a sentimental favorite for me. When I was a young adult navigating the tape-trading world, the roster of actual women’s wrestlers was pretty small. It was Simply Luscious, Alexis Laree, Alison Danger, Hailey Hatred and a duo known as the Minnesota Home Wrecking Crew, known as Lacey and Rain. I watched these two fight in CZW, IWA Mid South (where they got felt up by Joel Gertner-women’s wrestling has come so far), any promotion that had a women’s match. Now Lacey Ryan is a worker unique to DCW. Lady Poison is the alter ego of Jessica James. I’ve always thought she was one of the best technical wrestlers in Texas. This was my first time to see Lady Poison in person. The ring presence she has with this character is top notch. It’s so different from the work I’ve seen her put in as Jessica. And Wesley Crane. Right now Fuego del Sol is Oklahoma’s top talent in my opinion. But when it comes to awe, mystique, ring presence, Crane might have him slightly beat. The name that comes to mind is Sami Callihan, a name I do not use lightly.

The story here is that Crane was Lady Poison’s tag partner. She has him under her spell. It was a fun match to watch. Would Rosa or Lacey break the spell and overcome their rival?

Winner: Poison & Crane

What an intergender tandem. I think there could be some interesting matches that the two could have.

Fifth match: Jaxon Stone vs. Brent McKenzie

So I remember Jaxon since his early days coming up in the business. He’s had one focus since he’s got started and has gone on to be one of the best unsigned talents in the world. He relocated to Philly to learn from some of the top promotions. He has always been a heel, but as I see him branch out, I see more and more of the depth. He’s had more comedy in this match than I remember him having before. What this match reminded me of was Andy Samberg vs Andre Braugher on Brooklyn 99. McKenzie was no-nonsense and was the perfect straight man for this match.

Winner: Jaxon Stone (Everybody)

Sixth match: Gregory James (c) w/The Insidious Follower vs Andy Dalton

I’ve seen these guys wrestle each other in so many different places and cities. Yet they still find new ways to tell new stories. No, I didn’t take notes. Some things are meant to be enjoyed as a fan and not a blogger. I think the big move everybody will be talking about is the dive onto Greg where he moved and Dalton took one of the sickest bumps I’ve ever seen live. The greatest match I’ve ever seen live was Dalton vs ACH in Inspire Pro in Austin. Every time I see Dalton he seems to want to replace that match with one of his.

Winner and new champion: Dalton

A few months ago, Dalton had suffered a big injury. He had found a way to recover and not only that, he found a way to win the belt. Hence, “What Doesn’t Kill You.”

Main event: The Impact Players (2017) (Tommy Becker, Ryan Remington & Dave Segan w/Jamie Oller) vs The International Playaz Club (Gino, Sammy Guevara & Chandler Hopkins)

Remington has a new singlet. It’s very trimming on him. All 6 of these guys have the potential to be something special (though I guess if you’re a AAA champ you’re a little farther along than the rest). I had the privilege of watching Texas’ future live for a bit. It was a great night to be a fan.

Winner: Impact Players

All in all… It was great to do one of these again. I did miss it. I really like the people running this company so I want them to succeed. Shows on Thursday nights can be kind of iffy for my attendance, but they usually put together good cards for the price you pay.

This card had a lot going for it. Dalton-Greg are always magic, the main event was fun, Thunder Rosa is the G.O.A.T. and incapable of matches that are less than extraordinary and a one-legged Randy Wayne could outwrestle anybody. It was a wonderful night of wrestling.

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  1. Wrestlingfan says:

    Well written. Glad you’re back. Always enjoy reading your blog.

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