MPX Wrestling -Once Upon a Time 9-22-2018

2018 is a remarkable time. With it comes a miracle of modern technology. Sitting in the comfort of my living room, I am able to watch archived wrestling shows from my local wrestling promotion. It makes sense for the CZW’s and SHINE’s and EVOLVE’s to have one. MPX, a regional wrestling promotion now has one. While there are a lot of wrestling companies out there, MPX means a lot to me. Both my kids, it was their first indy wrestling show they ever went to, and for my boy specifically, it was the first venue I ever took him to. So, at the very least, I’m invested in this company emotionally. My wife won’t let me go every Saturday night to wrestling. But now this way I don’t ever have to miss a show. I will have my way of gushing and getting emotional. But this will not be the article for it.

Okay, Engage Serious Journalist Mode.

First match: Jason Silver vs Sky de la Crimosa

Jason has one mode. Kamikaze. My question is why did this match happen? What was its purpose? This is like Hawk fighting Animal. I know they’ve had their feuds and have moved on from this. But after a feud like this, why are these guys having an opener? I got the point. Silver had lost last week so he needed a win back. It just seemed like these two could have been given more time.

Winner: Silver

Second match: Cody Dickson vs BC

Cody Dickson is a total stud and I think he has a bright future ahead of him. He fits the Evolve/Japan/Ring of Honor model. BC (or as he’s known in my house, Batman) is one of those guys I root for to succeed. He’s a legitimately good guy with a lot of passion for what he does. Plus, weighing in at tons of swag makes me happy, though I don’t think the DMV will be pleased with me when I try using that on my drivers license.

So the match was pretty entertaining. Dickson uses his MMA skills to attack BC and work on the knee. I just love that kind of wrestling and psychology. Show me a wrestler who goes into his match with a strategy. Treat this like a competitive athletic competition.

Winner: Dickson

After the match, Frankie Fisher came out to the rescue. No longer fun-loving Fisher.

Third match: Impact Players (2017) (Tommy Becker & Ryan Remington w/Jamie Oller) vs Blind Justice (Steven Kirby & Joey Garcia w/Rey Ortiz)

Why is Blind Justice a thing? Like, why are they together? Who do they find their identity through? I’m new to the storyline, so I need some remedial assistance here. I’m very impressed with the Impact Players (2017). Oller on the mic, Becker and Remington being total heat magnets, just a great combination all around. Why were these two fighting? Do they need a face to counterbalance? I’m totally okay with a feud, and I think Garcia-Becker could put on some really good matches. I was very impressed with the work here.

Winner: Blind Justice

Fourth match: Sebastion Envi vs. Prince Kanu

I love Envi. He’s like a little package of fury. The two wrestled for a bit. It was a friendly bout that looked like it might disintegrate. Envi has always been one of my favorite high flyers and a guy I felt didn’t get the credit he deserved. I see Kanu is working as a face for the first time I’ve seen him. I could see him getting some support behind him. He might make a good contender for Segan.

Winner: Kanu

Fifth match: Aron Sykes vs. Byron Anthos

I have watched Sykes since the beginning of his career. I think there might be something there. What’s up with the apron? Not the ring apron. An actual apron. This is going to sound crazy, but here goes. Anthos needs to do a tour of Mexico. He’s such a character, and I think he’d get pretty over in lucha environments. Sykes is a natural face, but the two wrestled a very decent match. He needs more work as a heel. I think the commentary team did a good job to tell us WHY this match was happening. There is a lot of promise for these two. Just keep working on themselves and building their brand.

Winner: Anthos

Sixth match: Dave Segan (c) w/Jamie Oller vs Baby D for the Prospects Championship

I am LOVING what Dave Segan is doing right now. It reminds me of what Gregory Iron did as AIW Intense Champion. The guy has a very talented and expressive face. Another guy he reminds me of is GPA up in Chicago. He is just such a smarmy despicable heel with a very expressive face. The way this Prospects Championship works. After winning it, you have to win 4 consecutive opportunities. Once you do, you have a title shot you can turn in at any moment, much like Money in the Bank. This is Segan’s 4th defense. Big stakes here. If her height were measured by the amount of fight in her, Baby D would be 9’6. After the really excellent feud they had, this is her opportunity to turn spoiler. Except tonight was not her night.

Winner: Segan

Segan now has a title shot. Any time. Any place.

Seventh match: Rey Ortiz vs Andy Dalton vs Simon Grimm

I know that Simon Grimm played the character the WWE wanted him to, but holy crap, where was this worker in NXT/WWE? His mat work with Dalton was excellent. Ignoring the fact he is the heel, I like Ortiz. He’s the Suplex specialist around this part (as long as Nicole Savoy is not around). And Dalton is Dalton. Put him in the ring, he knows how to make a match memorable.

Winner: Dalton

All in all… Much love and kudos to MPX for their network. There is so much talent there and the possibilities for every match is endless. Match of the night was Dickson-BC and performer of the night was Segan.

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