Heavy Metal Wrestling 9-28-2018

So I tried a thing on Twitch. It’s great to see wrestling companies out there doing things with new technology. More companies should try this out.

The show started around 9:30 CST. Wrestling companies, (not just this one), why can you not start when you say you are going to? I’m not saying this like I’m a paying customer; I wasn’t. But there were some who were. One thing I noticed away is there were no ring barriers and no security. Were people even given chairs? This is an extremely dangerous environment for not only the wrestlers but the fans as well. Especially with the first match, which was a battle royal.

First match: Battle Royal

Y’all there were 20-people in this thing and I knew about 5 of them. There was just no way I could make detailed notes watching this thing. There were a lot of guys from the area’s schools. A huge shoutout to the men and women who have trained these guys. I know we had Reality Students, Hybrid, TWA, AAPW and anybody else? Some of the names here sound like they were created by one of those Facebook memes where you take the color of your underwear and the last thing you ate. Think about your names and personas. Look around in the industry for similar-sounding names. Just because the guy is your favorite New Japan wrestler doesn’t mean you should take their last name. I could have also done without the drummer feeling it was his responsibility to hit the symbols anytime anything happened.

What I look for in these battle royals is who stands out? Who do you notice during the match? Who stays with you after? There were a few who stood out, but you can’t always catch everybody in a battle royal situation. Not everybody is going to have that encyclopedic knowledge of who they just saw. Sometimes you won’t catch everybody, but you might find yourself saying, “Oh hey, it’s that guy [or girl]” after a good performance.

Aaron Mercer was a huge standout for me. Give him time. He has potential to go far. Dre Brenner was another name who stood out for me. But the impact came from Moonshine. When Moonshine’s music hit, it was like Kane showing up to the Rumble.

Winner: Moonshine

Moonshine said he wanted Zac Taylor. Now.

Second match: Moonshine Mantell vs Zac Taylor

One thing I have to give Heavy Metal credit for is a certain air of unpredictability. It reminded me a lot of AIW where things can happen any time. I’m not here really to critique matches. There’s vets and stuff out here for that. The two wrestled a good match in front of a really hot crowd.

Winner: Moonshine

May we all have the impact at our workplaces that Moonshine did tonight.

Third match: Bryan Keith vs Johnny Bedlam

So Bedlam was the hometown boy here. Bryan “The Bounty Hunter” Keith was a standout for me here. Guy shows up with the pancho like he’s out of the Old West. This guy is a really good despicable heel you Boo with a smile. Reminds me of GPA.

Winner: Keith

Fourth match: Fly Def vs The Epitome of Wrestling

So there are two up and coming tag teams in Texas. I love the names of both. I’d really like to see Fly Def in a few different environments to see how they adapt. EOW are two guys with the Rick Steiner ear guards. I like the heel gimmick and feel like there’s something there. Fly Def demonstrated some of their mat abilities against the amateur wrestlers.

Winner: EOW

Fifth match: Jazzy J. Serious vs Douki vs Aran Seras vs Kagura vs Ethan Price

I know Douki from his work in the Lucha scene up in Dallas and of course who does not know the work of The Many Evolutions of J. Serious. Aran is hoss. Price is a good villain. He needed to be in a different match. J. Serious is one of the best hidden treasures North of the Brazos River.

Winner: J. Serious

Sixth match: Kody Lane w/Ethan Price vs Ricky Starks

Starks was in total troll mode. Not sure it worked in the Heavy Metal crowd. The man wore a Morrissey t-shirt in honor of his favorite metal artist. I applaud you, Sir. Lane and Starks are so talented. It’s just like watching two artists paint on a blank canvas.

Winner: Lane

What’s with all the dick punches?

Seventh match: Terrale Tempo vs Great Scott

This was a really fun crowd brawl. Terrale is one of Texas’ best all-around workers. Also props to Kiefer Bartak for the run-ins and interference. He is the only man on Earth as far as I’m concerned allowed to sport a manbun. Tempo won with a Texas Clover Leaf outside the ring.

Winner: Tempo

Eighth match: Myka Madrid & Rachel Rose vs Jenna Lynn & Alex Gracia

This was Rachel’s in-ring debut. She came out like she had learned every heel trick in the book. I love Myka whenever I get to see her. Jenna is like Delilah Doom 5 years ago. She’s a sweet kid that never stops smiling (one of the signs I’m getting older is when I see a girl like that and say, “What a sweet kid” rather than “Where have you been all my life?”). And Alex Gracia is one of the people I root for. Not only does she look like she was manufactured in a fitness model factory, she carries herself as a professional and understands the business side of the wrestling business.

Jenna is a lot farther than she should be at her experience level. There was some really excellent work. And it was hard to believe this was only Rachel’s first match. And Myka does not get the credit she deserves.

Winner: Jenna & Alexa

Ninth match: Shigeyuki Kawahara vs Low Rider

Japan vs AAA. I’m familiar with Low Rider with his Lucha work. And I’m not sure if he just now debuted on AAA, but I marked out for seeing him on it. We did the technical in-ring stuff, but this also had a wild crowd brawl.

Winner: Kawahara

After the match, a lady ran into the ring to get her cookie sheet. I shouldn’t have to say this, but that moment should have never happened. There should have been security protecting both the wrestlers and the fans.

Main Event: Thomas Shire vs PCO

Professional wrestling can be a strange place. What if I told you one of the hottest names in 2018 is Pierre of the Quebecers who last peaked in 1994? Somehow he has found a way to reinvent himself as this cyborg badass. Shire is a great opponent for PCO. He’s like the 80’s college wrestler. No flash. No pizzazz. Just wrestling.

Winner: Shire

All in all… I got this show for free so I’m trying to keep that in perspective. Houston, Austin & San Antonio are hotbeds for some great wrestling now.

Jesus “Ricardo” Rodriguez was very good on commentary.

There were some really good matches on the card: Kawahara-Low Rider, Lane-Starks, Tempo-Scott. A really fun night even if it reminded me I’m too old to be up this late.

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