MPX Wrestling – One Shot 9-29-2018

We opened the night with Dave Segan. Dave Segan has purchased the services of Taylor Blackburn. Maybe Taylor can use that money to purchase the services of hairstylist Rachel Rose.

The Bearly Gentlemen came out and expressed their frustration.

First match: Dmitri Alexandrov vs T-Ray

I haven’t seen Dmitri much. I have no idea if he’s actually Russian or not. I just love this gimmick. T-Ray is a stud. Good heel work. I like both these guys. The goal was to put over Dmitri. All went over well. T-Ray claims to be the best-kept secret in Texas. Her certainly has a claim to being one of the tops, though I think there is some steep competition like Myka Madrid, Jazzy J. Serious, Sebastion Envy, Reiza Clarke, somebody south of the Brazos or West of the Pecos I’m not familiar with yet (sounds like a good idea for a tournament or something, hint, hint).

Winner: Dmitri

Second match: Chandler Hopkins vs Korey Konstantine

My wife was having a difficult time at the house while I was watching this and I said, “Look, it’s Chandler Hopkins without his shirt.” (This is me trying to make up to my wife all the times my jaw drops when I see Machiko.) This was my first time seeing Konstantine. Good gimmick, good matchup. Chandler sure has become one of the top go-to guys for the company. Any spot you need the face to fit in? Put in Hopkins.

Winner: Hopkins

Third match: Sebastion Envi vs BC

I hated this storyline. The loser is fired. I hated it with Bagwell and Hennig. Too much heel GM tonight. I, for one, like Envi in the ring. And do you really want to tell your fans that one of the competitors puts you to sleep? (See Lance Storm) The match was pretty well-worked though.

Winner: BC

Yeah, so Envi is fired. And so was Curt Hennig.

Fourth match: Baby D vs Angel Blue w/Livi la Vida Loca

Livi is totally my homegirl even if she were a villain here. I learned a few weeks ago that if she volunteers to take a picture of you and another wrestler, beware. You may end up with a few selfies of her you have to explain to your wife.

Angel Blue is arguably the best heel in Texas, male or female. The way she is able to tap into a crowd to find hatred. Baby D is my kid’s’ favorite wrestler.

Livi wanted in on the action. 2 against 1? Not so fast as Machiko walked to the ring and made this a tag match. (BTW, I love the red, white & blue hair color.)

Real Fourth match: Baby D & Machiko vs Angel Blue & Livi La Vida Loca

These are 4 workers who are very familiar with each other so it flowed strongly. Blue & Livi did a divide and conquer strategy and it worked.

Winner: Blue & Livi

Machiko & Baby D came to blows after this match.

Post intermission So Cool came out. Very good mic work from Kiefer Bartek, Cam Cole & Rachel Rose. Cole has a very good speaking voice. I could see him transitioning there after the in-ring time is over.

Fifth match: Ryan Remington (c) w/Jamie Oller vs Michael Shafer

I’ve been watching Remington since the beginning of his career. Like, I remember when he used to check the bag of toys I would bring in to keep my little boy occupied as a security guard. Tonight was different for me. I finally saw “it” in him. You know, you always look at a tag team, and you wonder which one is Shawn? Which one is Marty? The Impact Players (2017) may not have a Marty. What if they’re both Shawns? (I sound drunk or high. I’m neither.)

Shafer brought 100% and gave Remington everything. Shafer is a big man. Remington looked so strong after this.

Winner: Remington

Sixth match: Cody Dickson vs Frankie Fisher

Usually I’m more unbiased with the menfolk wrestling. (I will verbally gut you like a fish should you say anything about Thunder Rosa, Hyan or Dalys la Caribeña.) But I think I might have a new favorite male Indy wrestler. Here’s an unstoppable submissions guy who is going to weaken a specific body part until he gets you to tap out. Frankie isn’t a Dean Malenko ring technician. But heel or face, but one thing I’ve found is that he always finds a way to elicit an emotional response. I’m nowhere close to having seen enough MPX matches this year, but I would call this a match of the year contender.

Winner: Frankie

Main Event: So Cool (Kiefer Bartek & Cam Cole w/Rachel Rose) vs Blind Justice (Steven Kirby & Ryker James) vs Impact Players (2017) (Tommy Becker & Dave Segan w/Jamie Oller & Taylor Blackburn) vs DTF (Andy Dalton & Brent McKenzie)

If I wasn’t old enough to be her 16 & Pregnant dad, I’d say Rachel Rose is pretty hot. Now I just make sure she has enough gas in her car and tell her to ask her mother. The fanny pack is pretty awesome. I swooned enough over the duo earlier. Bartek reminds me a lot of Jaxon Stone. Have these 2 met yet?

Ryker James is massive. Kirby is not a small man. And Ryker is a head above him.

At some point Becker and Dalton will have a feud. When it does, the former will become a legend.

For a few seconds, I was wondering what Brent McKenzie was going to do onto the crowd of people. Ryker James left that to the imagination by attacking him.

Winner: So Cool

This was quite the the brawl. Lots of people involved and lots of entertainment.

All in all… A good offering from MPX. The last two matches were very good. We’re watching some guys (and girls) come into their own.

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