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A Ruff Look at the Worst in Wrestling 2011

The following may contain objectionable language. It is not my attention to offend anybody. It is simply used in context. Since I already waxed poetic of my favorite things in wrestling over the past year, here is my look at … Continue reading

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In Defense of Philadelphia’s Fans

Dear Media, I do not say this as a native Philadelphian. I am a huge fan of all things Philly, the Phillies (I have a Phillies tattoo on my shoulder.), the Eagles, the Flyers, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, cheesesteaks … Continue reading

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Meditations on Strikeforce Experience

I guess I should explain what I’m doing. I won’t really do a linear recap. You’ll be able to find many great recaps. These are just my meditations and reflections of the weekend that was. -First and most important lesson. … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Subways

On a Monday night, I asked my wife what she wanted for dinner. She asked me what I wanted. Then I asked her what she wanted. 31 minutes, 28 seconds later, we decided on Subway. I generally like to go … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Smarks

A smark is defined according to Wikipedia as “a phrase coined by Internet wrestling fans to describe a fan who enjoys pro wrestling despite or because they know that it is scripted, as well as generally knowing the “ins-and-outs” of the company … Continue reading

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WWE Needs to “Get Better”

This past Monday night, I had the chance to watch Raw. While it is miles better than it used to be, there are still some things that need to change, that need to “get better,” pun intended. The WWE still … Continue reading

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Why I’m Mad at TNA

One of my favorite performances in all of film is Peter Finch in “Network.” That iconic film is known for a lot of moments, but most notably, the one here. The thing is I’m that mad now. There’s a wrestling … Continue reading

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