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Why I’m Hopping Mad

I have thousands of reasons to celebrate. It’s my daughter’s second birthday. (Love you, Baby Girl!) Father’s Day is a week away. We’re taking my father-in-law someplace special (that I’ve never eaten at before, too). My anniversary is two weeks … Continue reading

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Rant on Annoying Sports Fans

I don’t drink, but if I did, this would be the equivalent of a “drunk tweet” or “drunk dialing.” The sleepier I get, the more “drunk-like” I get. And I have an 18-month-old who decided to get me up 45 … Continue reading

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WEC 51 Preview

After UFC 119, I am 6 for 11 all-time (.545 winning percentage; good enough to make the NBA playoffs in the Eastern Conference). If you’ve never seen WEC, they are a very strong organization and worth checking out. They are … Continue reading

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UFC and Christianity: Friends or Foes?

“How should we as Baptists regard the growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)? Simply put, we should hate it.” And thus begins an article by Adam Groza, the “vice-president of enrollment and student services … Continue reading

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Jesse Jackson

I would take my time to rip Rev. Jesse Jackson, but honestly there is a writer who ripped him a new one with more class & professionalism than I ever could. This is an article by Jason Whitlock of Fox … Continue reading

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“King” James

Hello, everyone. I wanted to step back for a minute from the world of entertainment to rant on the Great (in his mind only) LeBron James. First of all, who gives themselves a nickname? George Ruth did not call himself … Continue reading

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