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The Biggest Current Problem with WWE’s Product

I know. The WWE is not a sport. It is “entertainment” and not to be taken as a sport. But let’s take a look at the WWE as if it were a sport. Let‘s take a look at Al Michaels … Continue reading

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In Defense of Philadelphia’s Fans

Dear Media, I do not say this as a native Philadelphian. I am a huge fan of all things Philly, the Phillies (I have a Phillies tattoo on my shoulder.), the Eagles, the Flyers, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, cheesesteaks … Continue reading

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Please Not Again I’ve already said this once before. I don’t want to say it again. No Brett Favre. Get him off my tv. I do not want him on my team. Let’s start focusing on real news stories. I’m not watching … Continue reading

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Mark Buehrle and the Article That Never Was

Again, I am going to have to preface this blog by saying I am an Eagles fan. But something a lot of people don’t know is that I am also a Mark Buehrle fan, too. This week, it’s going to … Continue reading

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ESPN & Brett Favre- Co-dependent?

The following is just an amateur diagnosis. I may go intensely personal, but it needs to be said. I was listening to Mike & Mike this morning on ESPN. Now I know there’s lots of hatred out there for them … Continue reading

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Michael Vick Gets a Key to the City?

First of all, before I continue this article, I need to come clean that I am an Eagles fan. I admit that at the beginning. I also grew up in Arlington and consider myself a very proud member of the … Continue reading

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The New Secret to Solving All Problems in Sports

Each year in football, we are given a contest of a very special kind. The Battle for Last Place. There are some epic battles of teams tanking the season so they can get LeBron (How’d that work out for you, … Continue reading

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Rant on Annoying Sports Fans

I don’t drink, but if I did, this would be the equivalent of a “drunk tweet” or “drunk dialing.” The sleepier I get, the more “drunk-like” I get. And I have an 18-month-old who decided to get me up 45 … Continue reading

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My favorite moments of 2010-MMA Edition

Wow, what a year MMA has seen in 2010. We had the ending of the WEC, the story of Court McGee’s rise from the ashes to win The Ultimate Fighter and one thing became very clear… we need better judging. … Continue reading

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Rex Ryan: Why Do We Care?

I love Rex Ryan. He’s like that kid on the team who always runs his mouth, but you like the guy anyway. Flipping off the MMA crowd, running his mouth out about how he’s going to beat the [insert rival … Continue reading

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