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Reflections on Wrestlemania

Wrestlemania 27 is in the books. My initial thoughts were it was pretty bad. Considering the fact it was Wrestlemania, that makes it pretty awful. It was like a double-stuffed Raw. And it wouldn’t have even been a good Raw. … Continue reading

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A Personal Note to Wrestling Fans

Note: The following may contain some questionable language or words that may offend you. Please understand that I am going to use this in context and there is no intention to offend you personally. This is simply my personal opinion … Continue reading

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Who I Would Build a Wrestling Company Around…

So this has been a difficult blog for me to write. Naming only 5 people has been challenging. I looked at so many factors here. There are so many big names, but some I wouldn’t choose because of injuries, attitude … Continue reading

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Why Michael Bisping Is the Biggest Douche in MMA

“I’m gonna beat akiyama then beat sonnen, he can’t do that to me. come on you salesman!!!! cos u can’t hold me down fag!” Ok, these are the comments by Michael Bisping during Sonnen-Silva fight at UFC 117. I already … Continue reading

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Jesse Jackson

I would take my time to rip Rev. Jesse Jackson, but honestly there is a writer who ripped him a new one with more class & professionalism than I ever could. This is an article by Jason Whitlock of Fox … Continue reading

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