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AAW-War is Coming

I had heard about AAW ever since the night the WWE Champ showed up to put over Gregory Iron. I’ve followed the direction of the company and knew about their goings-on. But I’d still never seen an event on DVD. … Continue reading

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The Biggest Current Problem with WWE’s Product

I know. The WWE is not a sport. It is “entertainment” and not to be taken as a sport. But let’s take a look at the WWE as if it were a sport. Let‘s take a look at Al Michaels … Continue reading

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This is my first time to experience a SHIMMER DVD. I should probably warn you when I do a review, it is kind of a stream-of-consciousness thing. I don’t do recaps. I just kind of give my thoughts on one … Continue reading

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A Ruff Look at Wrestling 9-15-11.

Raw has not been very inspirational for me recently. It’s just been kind of “meh” and lackluster. CM Punk lit up the world on fire with one promo and the WWE has seemingly done everything they can to extinguish it. … Continue reading

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UFC 132 Preview

Taking a look at UFC 132, we’re expecting good things. I will be begging my wife to let me go out to a bar to watch this one. I really tried to get her to order but something about “my … Continue reading

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RIP Macho Man

This will probably be intensely personal and it may never see the light of day, but on May 20, 2011, I learned that Randy “Macho Man” Savage had passed away. There are fewer more flamboyant, outspoken, mysterious enigmas. How could you not … Continue reading

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My Most Memorable Heel Turns

Last night, R-Truth turned heel on John Morrison in one of the best heel turns I’ve ever seen. Ron Killings was originally one of the best things about TNA (though don’t be too proud of that; he was competing with … Continue reading

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